The platform for this website has changed. Please accept our apologies as not all the links carried directly over.


This platform is much more easily navigated. In case you aren’t quite sure, follow the links below for the different places you might have been redirected from.

*Portfolio - Now navigated through the home page/Computer Key Art with different categories you can select to see the different types art pieces within.

*Shop or Product… - This takes you to the site’s store that consists of all the available prints for purchasing. If you are interested in buying an original, please click on the “Available Originals” link on that page to take you to the store of Originals for sale. If you check out the home page and look at the individual categories and artworks within, you will find individual links to available originals and prints all in one place.

*Artist - This is now labeled the About page. Before it was a drop down menu to look at the portfolio, CV, and about the artist. Now each of those have their own place in the top menu.